1. Optimize the efficient and effective use of personnel;

  2. Evaluate technology to enhance quality of life; and

  3. Review the merits of modeling and simulations.


The changed security environment will mean that the Navy and Marine Corps will be tasked increasingly with nontraditional, noncombat missions. Such operations other than war (OOTW) include the following:

  • Humanitarian or noncombatant evacuation;

  • Search and rescue or disaster response;

  • Response to environmental threats;

  • Fisheries enforcement;

  • Piracy prevention;

  • Counternarcotics operations;

  • Military assistance;

  • Tanker escort;

  • Information warfare and communications intelligence;

  • Embargo enforcement;

  • Smuggling interdiction;

  • Biological or chemical material interdiction;

  • Nuclear weapons or nuclear material interdiction;

  • Actions to counter insurgency, coups, and uprisings; and

  • Bomb detection.  

It is possible that OOTW missions will represent the major portion of the deployed time of future naval platforms throughout their operating lives. Accordingly, OOTW mission requirements should be taken into consideration in the design of future platforms, and the Navy Department research and development portfolio should include technology development targeted at these requirements. OOTW missions may require the following:

  • Special outfitting of ships and submarines including methods for rapidly and safely deploying and retrieving boarding teams and high-speed watercraft, medical triage facilities, disease control or quarantine methods and equipment, multipurpose interchangeable general-purpose spaces, underwater visual capabilities and equipment, pollution control or containment methods and equipment, special weapons, detainment methods, magazines, and other unique law enforcement tools and off-ship firefighting equipment;

  • Off-board or remote and on-board identification and detection capabilities (night vision, infrared, long-range visual, x-ray) for counternarcotics operations,

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