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The Steering Committee met on four occasions under the co-chairmanship of Professor Dr. Erhard Kantzenbach, president of the HWWA and Ambassador Alan Wm. Wolff. Three of the meetings were held in conjunction with the conferences, in which Committee members were principal participants. The final deliberative meeting, which took place at the NRC in Washington in December 1995, took into account the conference papers, presentations, and discussions, and the analysis prepared by the three institutions. In the course of this final meeting, the Steering Committee agreed to a comprehensive and significant set of recommendations on a series of interrelated and highly complex issues. These Findings and Recommendations form the basis for the summary report of the project.


That report, entitled Conflict and Cooperation in National Competition for High-Technology Industry, includes the Findings and Recommendations of the Steering Committee, and revised versions of the two reports considered by the Committee at its final meeting, the first prepared by the NRC staff, the second jointly prepared by the HWWA and IfW staffs.5 The Recommendations and Findings underscore the importance of the subject matter and address specific issues of technology and trade policy, government support of research and development, and policies affecting international cooperation. In the rare instances where no agreement was possible, the Steering Committee acknowledged its inability to achieve consensus on a recommendation. The recommendations also highlight the need for additional information and identify specific areas that would benefit from further analysis.

This volume represents a key element in the Steering Committee deliberations. The presentations, discussions, and papers included in this volume illuminate many of the complex issues addressed by this project. Indeed, the questions addressed in this timely and comprehensive conference remain central elements of the international economic dialogue.

Alan Wm. Wolff

Project Co-Chairman


 National Research Council, Conflict and Cooperation in National Competition for High Technology Industry. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 1996.

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