As discussed earlier in this chapter, the committee recommends the following actions:

Government agencies and the optics community should recognize the importance of optics standards, especially their significance in international trade. The U.S. government should participate actively in the setting of such standards. NIST should be given the funding necessary to take the lead in this area.

Government agencies should continue to support the activities necessary to introduce cost-effective precision aspheric components into both military and commercial products.

DOD should continue to maintain technology assets and critical skills in optics manufacturing in order to meet future needs.

The Bureau of the Census should involve representatives of the optics industry in the next revision of the NAICS codes.

Collaborative programs in optics manufacturing should include universities so that students are trained in the latest technical solutions to production problems.

DOD, NIST, and the DOE national laboratories should establish together a cooperative program that provides incentives and opportunities to develop new ideas into functioning methods for optics fabrication.


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