A Collected Recommendations

This appendix collects all the major recommendation of the report together in one place for quick reference. Please refer to the body of the report for further details and explanation. The recommendations are listed twice, first in the order in which they are presented in the body of the report and second, sorted by intended actor.

Major Recommendations Sorted by Chapter

Optics in Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Congress should challenge industry and its regulatory agencies to ensure the rapid development and deployment of a cost-effective broadband fiber-to-the-home information infrastructure.

  • To push compact disk (CD) and digital video disk (DVD) technologies to higher effective storage densities and performance levels, U.S. industry should develop multilayer storage media; low-cost optical systems for writing and reading data; and efficient, low-cost techniques for mass replication and assembly of multilayer disks.

  • To retain the U.S. technological edge in three-dimensional recording, industry and universities should nurture and accelerate the development of advanced three-dimensional recording media, the design of low-cost optical systems, and the study of systems integration and architectures. It is imperative that these activities be coordinated among university and industrial researchers.

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