1. What is the state of scientific understanding of the safety and effectiveness of existing vaccines to control brucellosis?

  2. Why are these vaccines less effective in bison than in cattle?

  3. If a vaccination program specific to bison were undertaken, would the outcome have a high likelihood of success given the presence of Brucella abortus in elk and other wildlife?

  1. Based solely on scientific considerations, what is known about the relative risk reduction potentials of the various optional approaches to reducing the risk of transmission of Brucella abortus from wildlife to cattle?

    • Vaccinating bison

    • Vaccinating cattle

    • Separating cattle and bison during the bison abortion season or through the entire bison birthing season

    • Limiting cattle on the proximity of the park borders to steers only

  1. What is the role of vaccine development for bison and elk?

  1. Can Brucella abortus be eliminated totally from the GYA by development and use of a vaccine?

  2. What would be the theoretical tradeoffs between a vaccine-only approach and a vaccination approach combined with a test and slaughter program?

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