b See explanation of the second criterion on the first page of this appendix.

c See explanation of the third criterion on the first page of this appendix.

d All purchase prices are in dollars per pound based on bulk quantities (ton or truck load) and are for technical-grade or commercial-grade chemicals except for picric acid, which is available only in reagent grade. Some prices may not be current, and some are extrapolated or were projected if pertinent data were available.

From Chemical Marketing Reporter for the week ending April 25, 1997: calcium carbide, 0.253; calcium hypochlorite, 1.03; dinitrotoluene, 3.26; nitric acid (100 percent basis), 0.1075; nitrobenzene (crystal), 0.3395; potassium chlorate, 0.145; potassium permanganate, 1.211; sodium chlorate (crystal), 0.225; sodium nitrate, 0.3588; urea (agricultural grade), 0.0903.

Active halogen-type biocides: 1.34, Specialty Chemicals, Biocides, May 1996, SRI International. Ammonium nitrate: 0.101 (average), fertilizer industry price quotation, April 30, 1997. Hydrogen peroxide (100 percent): 0.6846, extrapolated from 1991 to 1996 using a cost increase factor of 1.056 computed from purchase prices in 1986 (0.6429) and 1991 (0.6786) (Hydrogen Peroxide, 1996 Chemical Economics Handbook, SRI International). Nitroparaffins: 2.753, Angus Chemical Company, quotation by phone, May 1997. Picric acid (reagent grade): 104.03, Spectrum Chemical Company, quotation by phone, June 1997. Potassium nitrate: 0.444 (average of two prices—(1) 0.65, American International Chemical Inc., quotation by phone, June 1997 and (2) 0.238, Chilean Nitrate Corp., quotation by phone, June 1997). Potassium perchlorate: 0.75, Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia, 4th Ed. Sodium chlorite: 1.37, TR-AMC Chemicals, quotation by phone, June 1997. Sodium hypochlorite (12.5 percent): 0.130, Clorox Company, quotation by phone, June 1997. Sodium nitrate: 0.3588, Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia, 4th Ed.

e Data on sodium nitrate were used to characterize these four compounds.

f The factors are computed for 1-nitropropane to represent nitroparaffins.

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