Slurry explosive

An explosive containing substantial portions of a liquid, oxidizers, and fuel, plus a thickener. [I]

Smokeless powder

A solid propellant, commonly used in small-arms ammunition, cannons, rockets, propellant-actuated power devices, and the like. It is classified as single-base (with nitrocellulose as the only active ingredient), double-base (with nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin), or triple-base (with nitrocellulose, nitroglycerin, and nitroguanidine).


A firing device that burns with an external flash. It is used for igniting black powder or pellet powder. [I]


An additive that either (1) enhances the detectability of explosives before an explosion ("detection taggant") or (2) survives an explosion and is used to trace explosive materials to the last legal purchaser ("identification taggant"). See also Marker.


A unit of measure for pressure, approximately equal to 0.02 pounds per square inch, or 133 pascals.

Vapor pressure

The pressure exerted by the vapor phase of a chemical in equilibrium with its solid or liquid phase.

Water gel

An explosive material containing substantial portions of water, oxidizers, and fuel, plus a cross-linking agent. [I]

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