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Nicolas Kauser, Chief Technology Officer, AT&T Wireless Services

William Osborn, Manager of Technology Development, Cellular Phone Research and Development Center, Ericsson, Inc.

Joseph A. Tarallo, Director, Wireless Base Station and Radio Technology Department, Lucent Technologies

D. Raychaudhuri, NEC America (via telephone)

At the December 1996 session, invited speakers from industry were asked to address these questions, among others:


What technologies will the consumer wireless industry likely develop over the next 5 to 15 years, regardless of whether the federal government provides basic R&D?


Are there any critical telecommunications technologies that must be funded/developed by the U.S. government because commercial industry cannot justify the risk or exploratory expense?


What are the most critical technical and nontenchnical issues facing the wireless industry that threaten the competitiveness or growth of individual companies on a global scale?


What is the potential for synergy between military needs and likely commercial development? What technology gaps will the military need to fill in order to use commercial products and services?


Which countries are leading in wireless communications, in terms of deployment of technologies? What are examples of good policies that help to foster good technological development in these countries? Who will be the future leaders, and why?


How does industry benefit from wireless research done in academic institutions, universities, and research centers? What are some examples?


Given that the military may have to operate globally in developed and underdeveloped regions, what could be viable wireless technologies to support military mobile missions?

In addition to the guests invited to participate on the panel, there were seven observers from the Federal Communications Commission: David Wye, Ron Netro, Marty Liebman, Mike Marcus, Larry Petak, Steve Sharkey, and Tom Stanley.

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