Third Grade Accomplishments

  • Reads aloud with fluency and comprehension any text that is appropriately designed for grade level.

  • Uses letter-sound correspondence knowledge and structural analysis to decode words.

  • Reads and comprehends both fiction and nonfiction that is appropriately designed for grade level.

  • Reads longer fictional selections and chapter books independently.

  • Takes part in creative responses to texts such as dramatizations, oral presentations, fantasy play, etc.

  • Can point to or clearly identify specific words or wordings that are causing comprehension difficulties.

  • Summarizes major points from fiction and nonfiction texts.

  • In interpreting fiction, discusses underlying theme or message.

  • Asks how, why, and what-if questions in interpreting nonfiction texts.

  • In interpreting nonfiction, distinguishes cause and effect, fact and opinion, main idea and supporting details.

  • Uses information and reasoning to examine bases of hypotheses and opinions.

  • Infers word meaning from taught roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

  • Correctly spells previously studied words and spelling patterns in own writing.

  • Begins to incorporate literacy words and language patterns in own writing (e.g., elaborates descriptions; uses figurative wording).

  • With some guidance, uses all aspects of the writing process in producing own compositions and reports.

  • Combines information from multiple sources in writing reports.

  • With assistance, suggests and implements editing and revision to clarify and refine own writing.

  • Presents and discusses own writing with other students and responds helpfully to other students’ compositions.

  • Independently reviews work for spelling, mechanics, and presentation.

  • Produces a variety of written work (e.g., literature response, reports,“published” books, semantic maps) in a variety of formats including multimedia forms.

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