ation of strategies for dealing with serious, willful, and repeated violators;

  • That the names of serious, willful, and repeated violators and violations that jeopardize the health and safety of young workers be published;

  • That inspectors (compliance officers) receive interagency cross-training;

  • That the adequacy of states' workers' compensation systems for young workers be examined; and

  • That the potential for work permit or registration systems to enhance the health and safety of young workers be examined.


The committee identified several critical areas in which there is need for increased research in order to adequately protect young workers. Agencies that fund research on children and adolescents should be provided adequate resources to fund the types of initiatives discussed below.

The major focus of research on child and adolescent employment has been on the effect of number of hours worked. Little attention has been paid to the quality of the work environment and its effect on development, workplace injuries, and educational goals. These topics include:

  • Longitudinal studies of how individuals who have worked in their youth function as adolescents and adults and how various outcomes are associated with the quality of the work experiences.

  • Research to determine whether the developmental characteristics of children and adolescents put them at increased risk from factors in the work environment, including chemical, physical, ergonomic, and psychosocial conditions (such as stress or type of supervision).

  • Research on the most efficient and effective strategies to protect working children and adolescents, with an emphasis on primary prevention of injury and other negative outcomes.

Because so many young people in the United States are in the workplace, it is important to determine the strategies that will best serve to make their work experiences safe and healthful.

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