pesticide standards to take into account special risks to young workers. As noted above, the FLSA hazardous orders do prohibit anyone younger than 16 from working with Toxic Category I and II pesticides, but children as young as 10 are allowed to hand-harvest crops, under certain conditions, which potentially exposes them to pesticides.

Although many current laws and regulations do not take children's susceptibilities into account, a notable exception is the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996, which requires the EPA to explicitly determine the safety for children of allowed pesticide residues on food. Although this act enforces protection of young children as consumers, it does not address the special risks of pesticides to children and adolescents who work with pesticides or treated crops.

Executive Order on the Protection of Children

Identifying the need for special attention to environmental health and safety risks to children, President Clinton in 1997 issued Executive Order 13045 to protect children from environmental health and safety risks. The order calls on each federal agency to:

  • make it a high priority to identify and assess environmental health and safety risks that may disproportionately affect children; and

  • ensure that its policies, programs, activities, and standards address disproportionate risks to children that result from environmental health risks or safety risks.

The Executive Order also established the Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks to Children to recommend federal strategies for children's environmental health and safety. These strategies are to consider:

  • statements of principles, general policy, and targeted annual priorities to guide the federal approach to achieving the goals of this order;

  • a coordinated research agenda for the federal government;

  • recommendations for appropriate partnerships among federal,

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