TABLE 3-3 Typical Nonfatal Youth Work Injuries, for Selected Industries





Cut fingers

Knife slips while cutting Finger contacts blade while using or cleaning power meat slicers



Grease splatters onto worker from grill or deep fryer Hand contact with grill while cleaning Slips on a slick surface and contacts grill or fryer when trying to break fall Grease spills on worker when draining or transporting hot grease from a fryer Hot liquid or food spills on worker



Slips on a slick surface and strains muscles trying to avoid the fall


Bruises (contusions)

Slips on a slick surface and is bruised in fall

Grocery Stores

Cut arms or legs

Case-cutter slips while opening cardboard boxes


Torso strains

Overexertion while lifting or moving inventory Overexertion while lifting customer bags Overexertion while retrieving carts from parking lot

Nursing Homes

Back strains

Overexertion while lifting patients

underestimated. The fact that the data come from hospital emergency rooms and workers' compensation claims indicates that the injuries were serious enough to require medical attention. Knight et al. (1995) report that 25 percent of adolescents who visit emergency rooms for work-related injuries experienced limitation in their normal activities for more than 1 week. Forty-four percent of adolescents who received workers' compensation payments in New York

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