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Atmospheric Precipitation: Prediction and Research Problems. 1980.

The Atmospheric Sciences: National Objectives for the 1980s. 1980.

Current Mesoscale Meteorological Research in the United States. 1981.

Changing Climate. Report of the Carbon Dioxide Assessment Committee. 1983.

E1 Niño and the Southern Oscillation—A Scientific Plan. 1983.

Low-Altitude Wind Shear and Its Hazard to Aviation. Joint study with Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board. 1983.

Report of the Research Briefing Panel on Atmospheric Sciences. Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy. 1983.

Global Tropospheric Chemistry: A Plan for Action. Global Tropospheric Chemistry Panel. 1984

National Solar-Terrestrial Research Program. Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Research. 1984.

An Ocean Climate Research Strategy. Ferris Webster, Senior Fellow, National Research Council. 1984.

Research Recommendations for Increased U.S. Participation in the Middle Atmosphere Program. Panel on the Middle Atmosphere Program, Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Research. 1984.

Solar-Terrestrial Data Access, Distribution, and Archiving. Report prepared jointly by the Committee on Solar and Space Physics, Space Science Board, and the Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Research, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate. 1984.

Research Briefings. Report of the Research Briefing Panel on Weather Prediction Technologies. 1985.

Atmospheric Climate Data—Problems and Promises. Panel on Climate-Related Data. 1986.

The National Climate Program—Early Achievements and Future Directions. Report of the Woods Hole Workshop, July 15-19, 1985. 1986.

Siting and Utilization of a 30-Station Wind Profiler Network. Letter Report by the Panel on Mesoscale Research. 1986.

U.S. Participation in the TOGA Program—A Research Strategy. Tropical Ocean and Global Atmosphere (TOGA) Program. 1986.

Current Issues in Atmospheric Change. Summary and Conclusions of a Workshop, October 30-31, 1986. 1987.

Long-Term Solar-Terrestrial Observations. Panel on Long-Term Observations, Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Research. 1988.

Meteorological Support for Space Operations: Review and Recommendations. Panel on Meteorological Support for Space Operations. 1988.

Field of Solar Physics: Review and Recommendations for Ground-Based Solar Research. Committee on Solar Physics. 1989.

Ozone Depletion, Greenhouse Gases, and Climate Change. Proceedings of a Joint Symposium by the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate and the Committee on Global Change. 1989.

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