Fitness Test

Annual Adjusted for age and gender

Adjusted for age and gender (AR 350-41, 1993)

Sit-reach Curl-ups×2 min Push-ups×2 min 1.5-mi run/walk or 500-yd swim (age and gender adjusted)

Submaximal cycle ergometer test, percent of standard based on VO2 max, age and gender specific (AFI 40-501, 1996)

Men: 3-mi run Curl-ups Push-ups Pull-ups×2 min



Cardiovascular and muscular endurance

2-mi run Sit-ups×2 min Push-ups×2 min

+ BF standards (OPNAVINST 6110.1D, 1990)


Women: 1.5-mi run Curl-ups Push-ups Bent-arm hang×2 min



(DODI 1308.3, 1995)






Duty Time for Physical Fitness

May authorize 1 1/2 hrs 3×/wk

Authorize duty time

Commanding officer's discretion

Commanding officer's discretion

Part of weekly training day

Commanding officer's discretion




Medical limitations

Medical limitations


Medical limitations



Prolonged treatment for medical limitations

Unique body builds Up to 36%



Smoking cessation: after successful completion of a smoking cessation class, member given a one time 6-mo exemption to weight standards



• Exempt from body composition, fitness testing (AR 40-501, 1995)

• Exempt from body composition, fitness testing

• Exempt from body composition, fitness testing

• Full-duty status and deployable until medical officer certifies that full duty is medically inadvisable

• Exempt from body composition testing



• Nondeployable

• 20-wk Rule (no shipboard duty after 20th week of gestation)

• Restrictions based on work environment

• May not participate in contingency operations or be deployed for operations aboard Navy vessels

• >28 weeks, 40-h work week; no overseas duty



• At 20 weeks, standing at parade rest/attention <15 minutes

• 6-h Rule (medical evacuation for ER must be within 6 hours) (OPNAVINST 6000.1A, 1989)

• Pregnant members assigned to areas without obstetrical care will have assignment curtailed by 24th week (AFI 44-102, 1996)


• Other duty restrictions based on work environment; no rescue swimmer duties



• At 28 weeks, 40-h week/8-h day




• Not deployable during 20th week through 6 months postpartum

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