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Air Force

Marine Corps

Coast Guard

Fitness Test

Cardiovascular and muscular endurance

2-mi run; Sit-ups × 2 min; Push-ups × 2 min

1.5-mi run/walk or 500-yd swim (age and gender adjusted)

based on VO2max, age and gender specific (AFI 40-501, 1996)

Pull-ups × 2 min



(DoDI 1308.3, 1995)


+ BF standards (OPNAVINST 6110.1D, 1990)


Women: 1.5-mi run; Curl-ups; Push-ups; Bent-arm hang × 2 min


Duty Time for Physical Fitness

May authorize 1 1/2 hrs 3×/wk

Authorize duty time

Commanding officer's discretion

Commanding officer's discretion

Part of weekly training day

Commanding officer's discretion



• Exempt from body composition, fitness testing (AR 40-501, 1995)

• Exempt from body composition, fitness testing

• Exempt from body composition, fitness testing

• Full-duty status and deployable until medical officer certifies that full duty is medically inadvisable

• Exempt from body composition testing



• Nondeployable

• 20-wk Rule (no shipboard duty after 20th week of gestation)

• Restrictions based on work environment

• May not participate in contingency operations or be deployed for operations aboard Navy vessels

• >28 weeks, 40-h work week; no overseas duty



• At 20 weeks, standing at parade rest/attention < 15 minutes

• 6-h Rule (medical evacuation for ER must be within 6 hours) (OPNAVINST 6000.1A, 1989)

• Pregnant members assigned to areas without obstetrical care will have assignment curtailed by 24th week (AFI 44-102, 1996)

• Flight personnel are grounded unless cleared by medical waiver

• Other duty restrictions based on work environment; no rescue swimmer duties



• At 28 weeks, 40-h week/8-h day

• 40-h work week


• Excused from duties (physical training or standing in formation) that in the opinion of the medical officer are hazardous to her health or to her unborn child

• Not deployable during 20th week through 6 months postpartum




• Standing at parade rest/attention no more than 20 min



• Time to medical evacuation for emergencies < 3 hours







• No flight duties after 2nd trimester







• Prenatal sick leave not to exceed 30 days

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