TABLE 3-1 Variables or Standards Used by the U.S. Military Services for Assessing Fitness of Personnel

Variable or Standard

DoD Directive/Instruction



Air Force

Marine Corps

Coast Guard

Frequency of Fitness Assessment

Formally evaluated and tested at least annually


Semiannual PRT optional for members > 50 years (NAVOP 064/90, 1990)



At least annual and upon random urinalysis testing

Fitness Test


Adjusted for age and gender (AR 350-41, 1993)

Sit-reach Curl-ups × 2 min Push-ups × 2 min 1.5-mi run/walk or 500-yd swim (age and gender adjusted)

Submaximal cycle ergometer test, percent of standard based on VO2max, age and gender specific (AFI 40-501, 1996)

Men: 3-mi run Curl-ups Push-ups Pull-ups × 2 min



Adjusted for age and gender

2-mi run; Sit-ups × 2 min*; Push-ups × 2 min

+ BF standards (OPNAVINST 6110.1D, 1990)


Women: 1.5-mi run Curl-ups Push-ups Bent-arm hang × 2 min



Cardiovascular and muscular endurance







(DoDI 1308.3, 1995)






Duty Time for Physical Fitness

May authorize 1 1/2 hrs, 3×/wk

Authorize duty time

Commanding officer's discretion

Commanding officer's discretion

Part of weekly training day

Commanding officer's discretion

NOTE: DoD, Department of Defense; PRT, physical readiness test; NAVOP, Naval Operational Message; DoDI, Department of Defense Instruction; AR, Army Regulation; BF, body fat; OPNAVINST, Naval Operations Instruction; AFI, Air Force Instruction. A more detailed table appears in Appendix B.

* Number of sit-ups performed in 2 minutes.

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