The causes of various skirmishes in many countries after the end of the Cold War go back to poverty. We have to help those under-developed countries to build their own industries to raise their living standards above critical levels. In order to reduce the trade in military weapons, we have to help these countries manufacture tradable consumer products. The world is becoming a borderless society whether we like it or not. The national security of one nation is heavily influenced by other nations' security. There is no longer a one sided winner. We have to be mutually interdependent.


1 Yoda, Naoya. 1994. “The Polymer Industries, Beyond the Year 2000.” Digest of the IUPAC Polymer Conference.

2Kyoseiis a Japanese word for symbiosis. However, when Japanese industrialists use kyosei, it means more than symbiosis. It has a connotation of progress by collaborating and competing, which is exactly what symbiotic competition denotes. Kyocho to Kyosomeans cooperation and competition. This is a homonym meaning collaboration and competitive creation. These are also synonyms of the symbiotic competition.

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