children's health insurance coverage. Some of these programs are likely to be expanded by states under the terms of the new legislation on children's health insurance.

Chapter 7, Children's Health Care Needs, addresses the need for health care among healthy children and among those with chronic medical conditions and special health care needs. Based on the distribution of acute and chronic medical conditions among children, the chapter discusses the importance of designing children's insurance to better address children's needs.

Two Appendixes provide a supplement to the committee's analysis of the evidence presented throughout the report. Appendix A, ''A Review of Tax-Based Approaches to Insurance Reform," was written by Robert B. Helms at the request of the other committee members. It describes some of the main federal tax policy options which have been proposed but have not yet been widely implemented, including tax credits and vouchers. Appendix B, "Information for Accountability," describes the technical aspects of the existing data and information systems that are used to monitor insurance, access, utilization, and health status over time.

Appendix C includes the agenda and list of participants who attended the committee's public workshop in Washington, D.C. on June 2, 1997. Appendix D lists the members of the liaison panel, including those who submitted written statements for the committee's consideration, and Appendix E includes short biographies for the committee and IOM staff.


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