only housing alcoholic people as they attend AA. All counseling would be discontinued.

Relationship with Research

The program has never been involved in research. The director has no scientific training and has never applied for research funds. His board has encouraged him to apply for such funds, under the belief that if they receive research funds, they could use it for other purposes.

The director reports some interest in research based on his informal observation that perhaps one patient in five "makes it" to a consistently abstinent life. He would like to be able to predict which one out of five would be the successful one, and he would like to see more effective treatments for the other four out of five.

The director feels that involving his program in research might be good for staff morale because the staff is curious and wants to improve. He also worries that doing research probably would mean more work, and he expresses some concern that researchers might find his treatment to be ineffective. However, overall he feels the benefits would outweigh the risks. The director says that the program would be more likely to get into research if there were direct financial benefits. He feels that his Board would oppose introducing any more non-AA treatment as part of a research project.

Information Sharing on Treatment Advances

Regarding information dissemination, this director mentions "NIDA Notes" and says that a similar, brief publication focusing on treatment research would help him. The director receives most of his information about new treatments through peers in the state provider's association. He evaluates new treatment information based on a kind of "gut" feeling and his own extensive experience in the field. He is, for example, aware of naltrexone treatment for alcoholism, and he even attended a meeting sponsored by the drug's manufacturer. However, his program is not using naltrexone because he concluded that for his program, which has no medical or nursing staff, potential benefits from naltrexone would not offset the cost and effort needed to introduce it.

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