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Breakout Session 2


Session 2A: Commerce


Moderator: Marvin Sirbu; Assigned Participants: Richard Sutch, Timothy Bresnehan, Alexander Field, Haim Mendelson, Michael Froomkin, Erik Brynjolfsson


Session 2B: Communities—Existing and New


Moderator: Jorge Schement; Assigned Participants: Paul Attewell, Robert Kling, Claude Fischer, Mark Weiser, Paul Resnick, Frances Allen


Session 2C: Intellectual Property and Privacy


Moderator: Pamela Samuelson; Assigned Participants: Michael Froomkin, John King, Clifford Lynch, Carl Shapiro


Moderators from Monday sessions meet



Tuesday, July 1

8:00 a.m.

Breakfast; Moderators for Tuesday sessions meet


Breakout Session 3


Session 3A: Human Capital, Training, and Education


Moderator: Richard Sutch
Assigned Participants: Frank Stafford, Alexander Field, Claude Fischer, John King


Session 3B: Content Regulation and Free Speech


Moderator: Paul Resnick
Assigned Participants: Michael Froomkin, Pamela Samuelson, Clifford Lynch, Peter Lyman


Session 3C: Organizations


Moderator: Erik Brynjolfsson; Assigned Participants: Thomas Malone, John King, Mark Weiser, Haim Mendelson, N. Venkatraman, Frances Allen

12:00 p.m.



Synthesis—Steering Committee



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