information on the fraction of the blood volume associated with the large arteries and veins of the body at various ages the adult fractions were assumed; namely 6% and 18% in the arteries and veins, respectively.

Biokinetics of Short-Lived Radon Decay Products

In its recent reports, the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) have assessed the component of the dose associated with decay products from within the body following the intake of a radionuclide based on the biokinetic behavior of the specific decay product; so-called independent kinetics. Details regarding this implementation are discussed in Annex C of Publication 71 (ICRP 1995). In the publication are also set forth the description of the biokinetic of lead, bismuth, polonium, and astatine as members of the uranium decay series. These data have been applied in the dosimetric analysis in this report.

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