Nonprofit Organizations

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Socorro, NM)7

Battelle Memorial Institute (Columbus, OH)

Private Organizations

H.P. White Laboratory (Bel Air, MD)

Stresau Laboratory, Inc. (Spooner, WI)

Pyrolabs, Inc. (Whitewater, CO)

Rho Sigma Associates, Inc. (Whitefish Bay, WI)8

SRI International (Menlo Park, CA)

Additional Testing Needed

Thorough examination of the inclusion of markers or taggants in black and smokeless powders requires scientific testing in areas other than quality and ballistics testing (see statement of task in Appendix B). These areas include the following:

  • Utility to law enforcement (blast survivability, ease of recovery and information retrieval);
  • Environmental impact (toxicity, accumulation due to legal use of powders); and
  • Countermeasures (ease of removal or destruction).

While testing in these areas is important, it is not necessary for such testing to occur at the same laboratories that test the quality and performance of powders. The committee expects that further independent laboratories will be identified where these types of tests could be conducted.


Committee member Per-Anders Persson is affiliated with this organization.


Committee member Roger Schneider is affiliated with this organization.

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