either tracing explosive materials to the last legal purchaser or to provide evidence against a known suspect.


A unit of measure for pressure, approximately equal to 0.02 pounds per square inch, or 133 pascals. Standard atmospheric pressure is 760 torr.


The process of identifying a commercial product by use of an external agent and record keeping through the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of that product.


Solid propellant containing nitrocellulose, nitroglycerin (or, e.g. diglycol dinitrate), and nitroguanidine.

Tubular powder

An extruded form of smokeless powder cut into rods whose length either equals or exceeds their diameter. Most, but not all, examples will have a central perforation and will possess fairly uniform dimensions of length and diameter.


Vapor pressure

The pressure exerted by the vapor phase of a chemical in equilibrium with its solid or liquid phase.

Vinsol resin

A naturally occurring thermoplastic resin, extracted along with turpentine from tree stumps, and used in smokeless powder as a deterrent coating.



The smallest dimension of a smokeless powder granule.

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