• low or no emission engines

  • nacelle boundary layer suction

  • nonmetallic aircraft turbine engines

  • revolutionary combustors

  • trapped vortex pilot zone

  • turbo-electric hybrid powered aircraft

  • turbogenerators

  • elimination of airframe wave drag through wave cancellation

  • maintaining laminar flow on airframes by means of surface cooling

  • minimum-wake wing

  • technology to extract the rotary energy of wingtip vortices

Air Vehicle Configurations
  • "electraircraft" x-plane

  • "green" aircraft configurations and operations

  • air vehicles optimized for reduced operating costs

  • blended-wing body (BWB)

  • high speed civil transports

  • mid-wing twin fuselage

  • O-plane

  • practical, affordable flying automobile

  • strut-braced wing

  • unconventional aircraft

  • unpiloted air vehicles

  • V/STOL aircraft to enhance capacity

  • variable diameter tilt-rotors

  • vertical flight for commercial applications

  • vertical flight for personal transportation

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