TABLE B.1 Community-Level Health Care Providers

Private Providers

Public and Nonprofit Providers


State and local public health clinics


Public and nonprofit hospitals

Family practice practitioners

Community health centers

Nurse midwives

Family planning clinics

Nurse practitioners

WIC clinics

Managed care organizations

STD clinics

AIDS service organizations

Healthy Start sites

Home testing/counseling

School-based health centers




Drug treatment facilities


State HIV testing/counseling centers

NOTE: STD = sexually transmitted disease; WIC = Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

Women and children with, or at risk for HIV/AIDS must rely on a broad array of preventive, diagnostic, treatment, and support services to maximize their health and quality of life. The current mix of service delivery structures available on the community level can be organized into two somewhat arbitrary categories: public and nonprofit providers and private providers, neither of which is purely private or exclusively public. Some private providers receive differing amounts of public funding for their patients, and many public and nonprofit providers use a combination of public and private providers to deliver services. This section describes community-level providers listed in Table B.1.

Public and Nonprofit Providers
State and Local Public Health Services and Clinics
Local Health Departments1

These administrative and service units of local and/or state governments employ at least one full time person and carry some responsibility for the health of an area smaller than the state. The estimated total local health department (LHD) expenditure is $8 billion. Most of the nearly 3,000 LHDs are located in 47 states and fall under the authority of local government and health boards rather than state public health infrastructure. As the locus of public health and prevention services in a community, the majority of LHDs play an important role in providing or assuring maternal and child health services and


Data in this section from the National Profile of Local Health Departments, Washington, D.C., 1993 and 1995.

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