Number of sexual partners in lifetime




34.4 (2.7)

8.4 (0.7)


21.1 (0.9)




43.7 (2.6)

15.0 (0.7)


33.4 (0.9)




45.5 (2.8)

20.9 (0.9)


45.9 (1.0)

a A total of 1,472 survey respondents reported that they either were pregnant at the time of the interview (430), had completed a pregnancy within 12 months of the interview (1,039), or had received pre- or postnatal care in the last 12 months (1,140). Women referred to as "pregnant" in this table are to women who were pregnant, or recently pregnant, at the time of the interview.

b Includes only tests reported in response to the question: "Have you ever had your blood tested for infection with the AIDS virus?"

c Women reported whether they had a high, moderate, low, or no change of being currently HIV-infected and whether they had a high, moderate, low, or no chance of having had sex with someone HIV-infected. Anyone indicating "high" or ''moderate" on either question was categorized as at HIV-risk. In addition, during the audio-CASI portion of the interview, women reported whether they injected drugs in last year, shared needles in the last year, or had a sex partner in the last year who had male partners, injected drugs, or shared needles. Any respondents answering yes to these questions were also categorized as at-risk. Using these criteria, 6% of women were categorized as at-risk (i.e., either self-identified as at-risk or reporting risk behaviors).

d Includes mention of gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, genital warts, and genital herpes.

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