TABLE 5.1 Sources of Care for Pregnant Women


Source of Funding for Service

Eligibility for Service

Oversight/Reporting by Provider

HIV Guidance

Practicing physicians and nurse practitioners

Patient fees; insurance; Medicaid

Determined by provider and/or MCO

State licensing authority; MCO

CDC; professional organizations; sometimes MCOs

Health department clinics (state and local)

Federal (especially MCHSBG), state, local governments; Medicaid; patient fees; sometimes insurance

Usually all within jurisdiction, with some limits based on income

Federal, state, and local governments or boards of health

CDC; state health departments; some local health departments

Community, migrant, and homeless health centers

Largely federal (BPHC); some state and local governments Medicaid; patient fees; insurance

May restrict to catchment area

Federal (BPHC), state, local governments; boards of directors

CDC: BPHC; state and local governments

Public and non-profit hospital outpatient facilities

Some state and local subsidies; Medicaid; patient fees; insurance

Public: usually all within community served

Public: governmental unit




Non-profit: usually no restriction

Non-profit: board of directors


Family planning clinics, and women's health centers

Federal (especially family planning funds), state, local governments; Medicaid; patient fees

Usually no restrictions

Federal (Office of Population Affairs, DHHS), state, and local governments or boards of health; boards of directors

Office of Population Affairs (DHHS); CDC, state health departments, and some local health departments

Drug treatment facilities

Federal (especially SAMHSA), state, local governments

Few restrictions

Federal (SAMHSA), state, and local governments



Federal and state funds; ADAP for some county systems

All inmates

Federal, state, and county prison systems

Federal prison system; some state systems

NOTE: ADAP: AIDS Drug Assistance Program; BPHC: Bureau of Primary Health Care; CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; DHHS: Department of Health and Human Services; MCHSBG: Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant; MCO: managed care organization; and SAMHSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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