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Cozen W, Mascola L, Enguidanos R 1993 Published report


Los Angeles County

Results of pilot project to integrate voluntary HIV testing into prenatal care. Pre-test counseling offered in group settings (n = 9,069). Compared a sign-on versus sign-off consent form

76% of women accepted HIV testing. No difference in test acceptance by sign-off versus sign-on consent form


Lindsay MK, Adefris W, Peterson HB, et al. 1991a Published report

September 1989 to March 1990

Atlanta, Georgia

Prospective cohort study of HIV test use among 4,731 pregnant women registered for care at Grady Memorial Hospital

Nearly all pregnant women receiving prenatal care (96%) consented to HIV testing. HIV test acceptors were more likely to be young, African American, and single, and less likely to have received education beyond high school. Nearly all women (98%) stated that they were not pressured into having HIV testing performed

Study hospital provides care for a predominantly African-American inner-city population

Lindsay MK, Feng TI, Peterson HB, et al. 1991b Published report

July 1987 to June 1988

Atlanta, Georgia

Prospective cohort study of voluntary HIV antibody testing within the University of Illinois Medical Center obstetric clinic

13% of pregnant women were without prenatal care (i.e., unregistered). Nearly all of these women agreed to be HIV tested, but test acceptance was lower than for women seeking prenatal care (87% vs. 96%). Women with no prenatal care had higher rates of self-reported HIV risk behaviors (14.3% vs. 9.9%) and had higher HIV-positive test results (1.4% vs. 0.44%) than women with prenatal care

Study hospital provides care for a predominantly African-American inner-city population

Barton JJ, O'Connor TM, Cannon MJ, et al. 1989 Published report


Chicago, Illinois

Prospective cohort study of HIV test use and risk behaviors of 7,617 pregnant women (registered and unregistered) cared for at Grady Memorial Hospital

78% of women (585/751) counseled regarding HIV consented to testing

University obstetric unit serves inner-city, poor, predominantly African-American and Hispanic women

NOTE: RR = response rate.

estimates of HIV test use among pregnant women. These estimates refer to "ever" having been tested for HIV, but most testing occurred within a year of the currently reported pregnancy.

When offered an HIV testing on a voluntary basis, most pregnant women accept. According to preliminary results of 11 state-based surveys conducted in 1996 of women contacted following a recent live birth as part of CDC's Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), from 60% to 84% of women reported that their provider talked to them about getting an HIV test, and

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