Hypertext Links Among Records

The use of hypertext links among MEDLINE, TOXLINE, TOXNET, and other records can provide the searcher with additional information and paths to pursue to locate related information without constructing a new search strategy. This use of linkages was discussed above as a way to integrate TOXNET into the overall NLM Web site. Linkages to consider include:

  • links from the citations referenced in the TOXNET database records to the bibliographic records in MEDLINE or TOXLINE;

  • links from MEDLINE or TOXLINE abstracts on specific chemicals to the TOXNET records on those chemicals;

  • links among records for related chemicals; and

  • links from MEDLINE, TOXLINE, or TOXNET records to related chemical dictionary records.

The committee believes that the use of the Internet as a platform for the TOXNET databases opens up numerous possibilities for enhancing their accessibility and utility. It is hoped that resources will be made available to the Specialized Information Services Division so that these opportunities can be explored and implemented. Further, as technology evolves, it is hoped that TOXNET will be integrated into plans for the overall NLM Web site and included in the use of new Internet technologies at the Library.

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