the TOXNET databases. The committee hopes that NLM will take advantage of this opportunity to broaden its outreach and training efforts. At the same time, it is hoped that the search interface will continue to evolve and that NLM will continue to integrate the TOXNET information into its overall Web site and its plans for the future.

TABLE ES-1 Summary of Opportunities for the TOXNET Web Site

Short-Term Opportunities

* Improved assistance in selecting which of the TOXNET databases to search

* Clarification of display, print, and e-mail options

* Improved mechanisms for providing help information

* Integration of TOXNET into the overall NLM Web site through links from PubMed and Internet Grateful Med

Long-Term Opportunities

* Three levels of search interfaces—Quick Search, Step-by-Step Search, and Advanced Search

* Further development of online help and tutorials

* Cross-database searching

* Addition of a thesaurus and chemical dictionary

* Detailed search analysis

* Extensive hypertext links within and among TOXNET records and between TOXNET records and MEDLINE and TOXLINE records

Training and Outreach Opportunities

* Utilize existing programs (e.g., Toxicology Information Outreach Project)

* Maximize outreach activities to raise awareness of the TOXNET Web site

* Utilize the Internet for outreach activities to reach national, regional, state, and local organizations and agencies

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