Figure 1.1a

Changes in catch and season length in the Area 3A (central Gulf of Alaska) halibut fishery from 1970 to 1994, before the introduction of IFQs.

Figure 1.1b

Participation and season length in the sablefish fishery in the West Yakutat sablefish fishery from 1984 to 1994, before the introduction of IFQs.

Provisions Related to Individual Fishing Quotas (see Appendix A)

The 1996 amendments did not resolve the debate over IFQs, but they did add a statutory definition of IFQs and a statement of policies concerning any IFQ programs designed or implemented after the end of the moratorium.

The act now defines an IFQ as "a Federal permit under a limited access system to harvest a quantity of fish, expressed by a unit or units representing a percentage of the total allowable catch of a fishery that may be received or held for exclusive use by a person" (Sec. 2[21]). The IFQ is defined as a permit for

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