Added provision for 100% observer coverage in foreign fisheries.

Significantly raised foreign fishing fees.

Established pro-development criteria for use in allocating surplus fishery resources ("fish and chips").

97-191 (1982)

Allowed foreign processing in internal waters if approved by State Governor.

97-453 (1983)

Added a provision on foreign recreational fishing.

Established a supplemental observer program.

Changed composition of Western Pacific Council.

Modified process for Council appointments.

Removed Councils from Federal Advisory Committee Act requirements.

Required submission of proposed regulations along with a fishery management plan (FMP) or amendment.

Added data collection program if requested by Council.

Expedited Secretarial review by placing a deadline on the decision to approve or disapprove an FMP amendment.

Allowed States to share permit fees if they administer the permitting system.

Required Secretary to promulgate regulations implementing an FMP or amendment within 10 days of receipt.

Changed circumstances under which the Secretary may issue emergency regulations; lengthened effective time periods; required Secretary to issue emergency regulations if unanimous vote of Council.

Directed the Secretary to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act, the Regulatory Flexibility Act, and E.O. 12291 within the time limits set for FMP implementation.

Extended State jurisdiction to certain "pockets of water" within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Gave Secretary subpoena power in civil penalty hearings.

Removed imprisonment as a sanction for foreign fishing violations.

Gave general arrest authority to enforcement officers.

98-623 (1984)

Added more development criteria for foreign allocation decisions.

Specified that national standard guidelines are advisory.

Extended State jurisdiction to certain "pockets of water" within the EEZ.

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