ghost fishing:

Incidental capture of fish caused by gear that is lost or abandoned at sea.


Collective term loosely applied to most commercially harvested marine fish other than salmonids, scombrids, and clupeids. Although many groundfish species are demersal (e.g., yellowtail flounder, yellowfin sole), other species are semidemersal or pelagic (e.g., pollock, cod, haddock, Atka mackerel).

growth overfishing:

Condition in which the total weight of the harvest from a fishery is improved when fishing effort is reduced, and this improvement in harvest is due to an increase in the average weight of harvested fish.

gross register ton (GRT):

A unit of the internal volume of a ship, equal to 100 cubic feet. Gross registered tonnage is the total volume or capacity of a vessel.

Gulf Fishery Management Council (GFMC):

One of eight regional councils mandated in the MSFCMA to develop management plans for fisheries in federal waters. The GFMC develops fishery management plans for fisheries off the coast of the states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the west coast of Florida.

Gulf of Alaska (GOA):

Region of the EEZ off the shore of Alaska extending from the southeastern edge of Alaska to the eastern side of the Aleutian Island chain.



Form of selective sorting of fish in which higher value, more marketable fish are retained and fish that could be legally retained, but are less marketable, are discarded.


individual fishing quota (IFQ):

Fishery management tool used in the Alaska halibut and sablefish, wreckfish, and SCOQ fisheries in the United States, and other fisheries throughout the world, that allocates a certain portion of the TAC to individual vessels, fishermen, or other eligible recipients based on initial qualifying criteria.

individual transferable quota (ITQ):

Individual fishing quota that is transferable.

input controls:

Fishery management measures that seek to limit the amount or effectiveness of effort in a fishery. These include limited licenses that restrict the number of fishermen, gear restrictions that limit the type or amount

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