education and standards-based reform and implications for research, practice, and policy (National Research Council, 1997). The Committee on the Evaluation of National and State Assessments of Educational Progress reviews NAEP in general and also evaluates the participation of English-language learners and students with disabilities (National Research Council, 1999). Two earlier studies are still relevant: Placing Children in Special Education: A Strategy for Equity (National Research Council, 1982b) and Ability Testing for Handicapped People: Dilemma for Government, Science, and the Public (National Research Council, 1982a).

NAEP Validity Studies (NVS) Expert Panel

The NVS panel planned a study on the validity of testing accommodations and their impact on student performance. "A Proposed Study Design to Examine the Impact of Accommodations of the Performance of Students with Disabilities in NAEP: The Impact of Increased Testing Time on the Performance of Disabled and Non-Disabled Students" is a draft proposal for a study of the impact of extended testing time on students with and without disabilities and across different content areas, as well as of student perceptions of their need for accommodations.

Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP)

Project on Assessing Individuals with Disabilities. Currently, a working group of JCTP is compiling information about what is helpful to test users (e.g., assessment specialists, educators, counselors) and what is useful to policymakers about the assessment of students with disabilities, about interpreting scores from assessments, and about making educational and career decisions.


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