review of the actual language of each measure to ensure that it is recognizable and engaging to the general population and select population groups. These efforts will be facilitated by comments received from the public health community and, more important, by the results of proposed focus group discussions with representatives of the target populations.

Search for Additional Sample Indicator Sets

The IOM staff will continue to provide committee members with examples of indicator sets published in the extant literature during the interval between the October 1998 and January 1999 meetings. This is intended to ensure that the committee reviews as many plausible sets of leading health indicators as possible, prior to selecting sets that will be recommended to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Public Workshop

Tentative plans have been made for a public workshop to be convened during the morning session of the first day of the January 1999 meeting (January 27, 1999). It is unlikely that members of the “public” for whom these sets of leading health indicators are being developed will be recruited in great numbers (if at all) for this workshop. Rather, it is expected that “traditional” members of the public health community and Healthy People Consortium will attend the workshop as an opportunity to react to the second interim report and learn about the findings from the electronic commentary and focus group discussions. Results from the regional meetings convened by DHHS during September through December 1998 will supplement commentary received at this public workshop. IOM staff have attended all of the regional meetings, and 2 committee members have participated in 3 of the 5 meetings.

Electronic Commentary

A Web site has been established for both the first and the second interim reports to elicit comments and suggestions for modifications. A direct message will be sent to community level groups such as rotary clubs, faith groups, local media, and volunteer organizations to elicit their opinions of the sample indicator sets described in the second interim report as well as any additional sample sets that are developed during November and December 1998. The targeted request for comments will be released on or around December 15, 1998, which will allow a full four weeks for responses before the January committee meeting.

Focus Group Discussions with Target Audiences.

At the strong recommendation of the IOM committee, IOM staff have sought additional funds from external sources to support the conduct of a number of focus group discussions with members of the general population and select population groups throughout the country. These groups will also include members of the print and electronic media. Results of the focus groups will facilitate selection of the final sets of indicators, as well as guide formulation of effective dissemination and evaluation plans for the recommended leading health indicator sets during the decade 2000 to 2010. The committee acknowledges that the public health community has been, and will continue to be, an essential player in selection of the indicator sets recommended in the final report. However, in order to meet the committee's charge to select indicators that engage and motivate the general public and select population groups, it will be necessary to solicit input from these primary target groups. Focus group discussions conducted throughout the United States will help to ensure that selection of the final indicator sets is moderated

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