genuine disappointment; they wanted him to stay, continue his inspirational leadership, and finish the job of establishing the IOM as an independent organization that was not afraid to engage questions that were close to the surface of the nation's political life.

David Hamburg left office only a month before the presidential election that would chase Jimmy Carter from town. Their simultaneous departures marked the start of a new and very different era in IOM history. At the end of Hamburg's tenure, Philip Handler wrote him a graceful letter that eloquently captured his contributions to the IOM:

Under your leadership, the Institute of Medicine has been brought to maturity. It has earned a place in the Washington scene and become the instrument to which we aspired when it was created. Our country has yet a long way to go in the development of an accepted philosophy which will enable us to frame a consistent national health policy. Thanks to you, I am confident that the Institute of Medicine will make cardinal contributions to that process. We have enjoyed your boundless good humor, basked in the warmth of your compassion, and been stimulated by the keenness of your intellect. All of us are richer for your stay among us.74



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