the staff." The result, according to Bulger, was a "reasonable level of staffing." "We have a very wholesome interdisciplinary thing going,'' he added, "such that I am comfortable as a health professional with the whole range of staff people.''

Bulger concluded his long letter by saying that "as we have developed more of track record and more people have taken notice of us, we have also attracted our share of jealousies and legitimate concerns. It is important that in this city of Washington, those people who might look to us for advice and who might be able to use us should think of us as competent and able to deal with the problems."101 Hogness and Fredrickson had made a start in this direction, in particular by raising funds from foundations and establishing the basic routines of IOM governance and IOM studies. Still, as Bulger had noted, the organization remained invisible to mainstream Washington and the general public. By the time Jimmy Carter became president in 1977, this condition would change.



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