Naval fire support for Operational Maneuver From the Sea.

  • Overview (p. 66) and Vol. 5: Weapons (p. 131), National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.). Status: in 6.4 budget.
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    Vertical gun, advanced system (VGAS) or advanced gun system (AGS): 1 to 2 155-mm vertical guns in vertical launch system (VLS) box; automatic 6 to 24 RPM/gun; RAP with ~100-lb warhead, ~1,500 in SC21 magazine; projected range extension to 200 to 250 NM with 2-stage RAP (Belen, Fred C., 1998, "Tactical Information Technology . . . From the Sea," Naval Institute Proceedings, September, pp. 121–123; Kennedy, Floyd D., Jr., 1998, "Naval Fire Support Plans," Naval Institute Proceedings, June, p. 72; Mullen, RADM Michael, USN, 1998, "Where Surface Warfare Is Headed—and Why," Naval Institute Proceedings, October, p. 79). Status: part of DD21 contract.

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    Land-attack standard missile (LASM): range, 150 NM; ~300-lb warhead; semiballistic; fired from VLS tubes (CG, 122 tubes; DDG, 90 to 96 tubes; DD, 61 tubes; FFG, 40 tubes; in battle group with 2 CGs, 2 DDGs, DD 485 tubes), flight time, ~5 minutes to 150 NM (Polmar, Norman, 1997, The Naval Institute Guide to the Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Md.). Status: IOC FY 2003, integrated in DDG81 and new CGs.

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    Tomahawk land attack missile (TLAM): ~3,700 missiles of all types in

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