BOX 7.4 Current Extramural Health Services Research Projects on Breast Cancer Supported by NCI

Prevention and Screening:

  • Breast and cervical screening--older, low-income, rural women
  • Increasing compliance with mammography guidelines
  • Reducing barriers to the use of breast cancer screening
  • Empowering physicians to improve breast cancer screening
  • Increasing breast screening among rural minority women
  • Improving breast and cervical cancer screening
  • Maximizing mammography participation--a randomized trial
  • Increasing breast screening among nonadherent women
  • Promoting mammography screening in North Dakota
  • Barriers to abnormal mammogram follow-up
  • Mammography referral in primary care
  • Breast cancer education through organized labor
  • Mammographic practice and performance in the population
  • Interventions for breast cancer screening behaviors
  • Pilot for a community mammography and tumor registry
  • Breast cancer surveillance (four projects)
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of breast cancer control for African Americans
  • Case-control study of mammography
  • Evaluating mammography claims data
  • Public health study of mammogram interpretation
  • Population-based approach to increase mammography use
  • Follow-up evaluation of breast screening program project
  • Breast and cervical cancer screening among Filipina women


  • Data sources and patterns of care for breast cancer
  • Multilevel compliance model of breast treatments
  • Breast cancer patterns of care and morbidity
  • Home-based moderate exercise for breast cancer patients
  • Hierarchical modeling for assessing breast cancer care
  • Breast cancer treatment protocols for Hawaii minorities
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Intervention Study
  • Adjustment to breast cancer
  • Patient barriers to breast cancer clinical trials
  • Breast conserving surgery for the elderly
  • Home care training for younger breast cancer patients
  • Managing uncertainty--self-help in breast cancer
  • Promoting self-help--underserved women with breast cancer
  • Breast cancer in young women--population-based approach

SOURCES: Brenda Edwards, Associate Director, CSRP, DCCPS, National Cancer Institute, personal communication to Maria Hewitt, November 1998;; Martin Brown, Head, Health Services and Economics Section, Applied Research Branch, CSRP, DCCPS, NCI, personal communication to Maria Hewitt, December 1998; HSRProj, 1998.

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