Agency for Health Care Policy and Research

AHCPR is the lead agency within DHHS charged with supporting research on health care quality, outcomes, cost, utilization, and access. The agency supports intramural research as well as an extramural grants program with a budget of $171 million (1999 appropriation) ( Support for intramural and extramural cancer-related health services research projects active since FY 1995 totals $20 million and represents an estimated 6 percent of the research budget during this period (Wendy Perry, AHCPR, personal communication to Maria Hewitt, December 1998).

Ongoing extramural research projects supported by AHCPR since FY 1995 are listed in Box 7.7.

BOX 7.7 Extramural Cancer-Related Health Services Research Projects Active Since FY 1995, AHCPR

Prevention, Screening, and Early Detection

  1. General:
  • A physician insurer's impact on early cancer detection
  • Cancer prevention for minority women in a Medicaid HMO
  • Cancer screening of low-income and minority women
  • Genetic screening in primary care: ethics and policy
  • Efficacy of telemedicine colposcopy
  • Breast cancer:
    • Access to mammography for older women of color
    • Cost-effectiveness of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) breast screening
    • Developing effective breast cancer risk information
    • Breast cancer screening policy and practice
    • Breast and colon screening evaluated by cancer mortality
  • Prostate cancer:
    • Couples' preferences for prostate cancer screening
  • Other cancers:
    • Screening for colorectal cancer
    • Evaluation of cervical cytology
    • Cost-effectiveness of preventing AIDS complications
    • Community physician diagnostic accuracy in colposcopy


    1. General:
    • Measuring quality by achievable benchmarks of care (ABC)
    • Risk factor for early unscheduled visits in cancer patients
    • A quality-of-life module for end-stage cancer patients
    • Adoption of cancer pain guidelines in managed care
    • Optimal policies for clinical lab quality control
    • Message and person effects on cancer treatment decisions

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