information functions that have been transferred from the U.S. Bureau of Mines to the USGS are not included in the MRSP plan.

What are the appropriate roles and responsibilities, and who are the appropriate customers for the USGS MRSP?

Recommendations 1 through 4 in Chapter 3 all address aspects of roles and responsibilities. The breadth of customers is discussed in the justification for Recommendation 2, concerning clients and communications.

Does the USGS MRSP duplicate the activities of other federal programs with responsibilities related to mineral resources?

Although the panel may not have had complete exposure to federal programs related to mineral resources, there do not appear to be other federal agencies that duplicate MRSP activities. On the contrary, with the demise of the U.S. Bureau of Mines, the MRSP stands as the only federal program with clear responsibilities in hard mineral resources. The need for this program is articulated in the MRSP plan and in Chapter 1 of this report.

Are the program priorities, products, and audience appropriate to the goals and objectives of the Plan?

Recommendations 1 and 2 in Chapter 3, which address the MRSP mission, culture, clients, and communication, provide suggestions for improvements in these areas.

Are the level, scope, and balance of research in the Plan sufficient to provide a scientific basis for informed decision-making and to build a scientific foundation for the future?

These issues are addressed in the sections of Chapter 2 regarding Mitigation Studies and Resource Investigations and in Recommendation 3 in Chapter 3, concerning core competence. As noted in question (1) above, aspects of this question could not be answered with the available information.

  1. Provide recommendations as to how the Plan could be modified to improve its effectiveness in meeting the long-term needs of the nation.

Suggestions for improvements are embodied in Recommendations 1 through 4 in Chapter 3.

What are future research needs, activities, and opportunities?

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