Small-group Discussion 3: Prospects for Change


  1. Suggest ways and means by which change can be brought about within the research community and in the relationship between the community, government, and society.

  2. Explore ideas for broadening the involvement in discussions about the ideas around which this convocation was organized.

Questions for Discussion:

Are the changes required by society and government of the research community fundamental or incremental?

Over what period of time is it reasonable to suppose that these changes can be made?

By what means should change in the research community be effected?

How can the discussion about the need for change, the degree of change, and the means for change be broadened across the nation?


Select a spokesperson and perhaps a scribe (not necessarily the same individual).

Help the spokesperson prepare a five-minute summary of the group's observations on the questions listed above.

Time Limit:

Your small group has 90 minutes to explore the issues listed above.

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