New Approaches to Teaching

Chair: Eric Mazur, Harvard University

Chair: John Carpenter, University of South Carolina

Rapporteur: James Gentile, Hope College

Rapporteur: Deborah Hughes Hallett, Harvard University


The Potential for Incremental and Radical Change in Instruction

Chair: John Jungck, Beloit College

Chair: Alice Agogino, University of California at Berkeley

Rapporteur: Dorothy Stout, Cypress College

Rapporteur: Nicholas Turro, Columbia University


Fostering Teaching Skills

Chair: James Leitzel, University of Nebraska

Chair: Laura Hoopes, Pomona College

Rapporteur: Russell Edgerton, American Association for Higher Education

Rapporteur: Denice Denton, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Recognition and Rewards in Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education

Chair: Sharon Long, Stanford University

Chair: Pamela Ferguson, Grinnell College

Rapporteur: Lynn Steen, NRC/Mathematical Sciences Education Board (until June 1995)

Rapporteur: Patricia Hutchings, American Association of Higher Education


Institutional Support for Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education

Chair: Melvin George, University of Minnesota (until February 15, 1996)

Chair: Samuel Ward, University of Arizona

Rapporteur: Jeanne Narum, Project KaleidoscopeRapporteur: Hyman Bass, Columbia University


Articulation Among Educational Institutions and With the Workplace

Chair: George Campbell, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering

Chair: Frederick Graybeal, ASARCO, Inc.

Rapporteur: Bernard Madison, Fulbright College

Rapporteur: Pamela Matthews, Mt. Hood Community College


Schools, Businesses, Professional Societies, and Higher Education Organizations

Chair: Thomas Cole, Clark Atlanta University

Chair: Cornelious Pings, Association of American Universities

Rapporteur: Marcia Sward, Mathematical Association of America

Rapporteur: Marily-n Suiter, American Geological Institute


The Role of Federal Agencies, Foundations, and Other Organizations in Reform

Chair: Norman Hackerman, Welch Foundation

Chair: Joan Leitzel, University of Nebraska

Rapporteur: John Rigden, American Institute of Physics

Rapporteur: C. Bradley Moore, University of California at Berkeley

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