Travis Gillham and Reza Fassihi, Amoco Production Company, Houston; and Edward Turek, Amoco Exploration and Production Technology Group, Tulsa

West Hackberry tertiary project

Don W. Green, University of Kansas

Improvement of oil recovery in fluvial dominated deltaic reservoirs in Kansas - Class I project, and improved oil recovery in Lower Meramecian (Mississippian) carbonate reservoirs of Kansas - near term - Class II project

J. C. (Chris) Hall, Chairman, Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, Washington, D.C.

Technology transfer activities and plans

George Hirasaki, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Rice University, Texas

The oil recovery program in Norway

Mohan G. Kelkar, University of Tulsa

Integrated approach towards the application of horizontal wells to improve waterflooding performance

John Lomax, Lomax Exploration Company, Laguna Beach, California; and Miland Deo, University of Utah

Green River Formation water flood demonstration project

Kenneth Luff, Luff Exploration Company, Colorado

Improved recovery demonstration for Williston Basin carbonates

Charles Mankin, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Identification and evaluation of fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirs

Todd Martinez, Michael Collins, and Lance Cole, BDM-Oklahoma

BDM management of Class 4 programs and management of technology transfer

Lee McRae and Mark Holtz, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin

Revitalizing mature oil plays in Frio reservoirs of South Texas

Keith Miles, Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center, DOE

Contract awards/negotiations

P. K. Pande, Fina Oil and Chemical Company, Texas

Application of integrated reservoir management and reservoir characterization to optimize infill drilling

Reginal W. Spiller, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gas and Petroleum Technologies, Department of Energy, Washington, D.C.

Overview of the program, DOE Office of Fossil Energy

James O. Stephens, Hughes Eastern Corporation, Mississippi

The utilization of the microflora indigenous to and present in oil-bearing formations to selectively plug the more porous zones thereby increasing oil recovery during waterflooding

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