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neuropsychology were added to the CMNR to augment the Committee expertise in response to increased activities of the Army in these areas.



Meetings have been of three types. Full Committee meetings are scheduled at the request of the Army to review nutrition programs, food products, and specific research projects in various stages of development. At these meetings oral presentations by Army personnel are augmented by written background material on one or more specific items for the Committee on Military Nutrition Research to review. The CMNR subsequently meets in executive session to discuss the materials and write a report to the Army that includes a summary of findings and recommendations. These reports are in the form of letters with attached supporting materials or brief, bound reports. Subcommittee meetings are convened by the Committee Chair either to plan future work, write reports, or, at the request of the Army, provide on-site review of research projects where the expertise of the entire Committee membership is not required. Reports drafted by subcommittees of the CMNR are subject to the review and approval of the entire Committee membership prior to completion. Workshop meetings are planned when issues have been presented to the CMNR by the Army that require broader expertise than exists within the Committee, or for which the Committee would like additional information or opinions. A CMNR workshop includes presentations from Army and other experts in nutrition and related sciences on an issue relevant to military nutrition research. The invited speakers are chosen for their specific expertise in the topic areas of concern and are asked to provide in-depth reviews of their area of expertise as it directly applies to a series of questions drafted by the sponsor. Speakers subsequently submit written versions of their presentations. These workshops thus provide additional state-of-the-art scientific information for the Committee to consider in their evaluation of the issues at hand. At the conclusion of the presentations, the Committee meets in executive session to discuss the issues and prepare conclusions and recommendations to be included as part of a book-style workshop report for subsequent release to the sponsors and the public.

If a topic is presented by the military where the Committee membership does not feel that they can adequately cover the scientific range required, guest specialists may be invited to augment the Committee expertise and interact with the membership as special consultants for a specific report. If the Committee Chair sees that expertise continues to be needed in a specific

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