role that free electron lasers might play in the solution of these problems. The criteria used in the choice of speakers were that they be experts with a broad understanding of the most important work in a given field and that they be recognized by other workers in the field as having this expertise.

To obtain additional information, the committee produced a list of scientists who had themselves expressed interest in free electron lasers, who were thought by others to have an interest in free electron lasers, or who were working in areas where free electron lasers were thought to be important. Between the March and April meetings, committee members called these scientists to ask for information similar to that provided by the speakers at the March workshop. The committee also sent letters to a number of experts in free electron laser development, asking them to identify other scientists likely to do important research with free electron lasers, and to obtain from these scientists a short description of their proposed use of free electron lasers and their comments on why this was the photon source of choice. All participants in the December workshop, as well as others, received this letter. The committee examined all of the descriptions received as a result of this letter and in some cases placed a follow-up call to obtain more information.

As a result of its inquiries, the committee asked four additional scientists to give presentations at its third meeting in April 1994. These presentations involved technical aspects of development as well as scientific applications. The rest of the third meeting was devoted to developing the substance of this report. We had discussions about the format and outline of the report, the conclusions we had reached, and the recommendations we would make. These discussions quickly led to a consensus report that the committee subscribes to unanimously. Individual committee members wrote drafts of sections of the report, sub-committees responsible for individual chapters criticized the drafts, and revised drafts were sent to the entire committee prior to our last meeting in May 1994. At the May meeting, further discussions of the drafts and revisions were completed.

The committee is grateful to Erik Johnson of Brookhaven National Laboratory for providing figures and material that appear in the report and for spending the extensive time and energy needed to collect the data and document the figures. We would also like to acknowledge the help and support of the study director, Tamae Maeda Wong, who facilitated every aspect of the work.

Donald H. Levy, Chair

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