is mandatory for German vessels to facilitate recycling. About 7 days' storage is contemplated. Solid waste will be off-loaded at port or onto logistical support ships. No technology is involved.

Incinerator technology is also being investigated for task group missions. This is apparently in the context of an integrated system, and only existing commercial technology is being studied.

U.S. Coast Guard Compliance Plan

As part of its effort to bring the Coast Guard fleet (about 228 ships 765 ft in length) into compliance with all existing and emerging regulations, laws, and international protocols, the U.S. Coast Guard has a plan and program (U.S. Coast Guard, 1994) relating to MARPOL Annex V. The current plan dated February 1, 1994, is broken down by ship type as follows:

  1. The two existing icebreakers and the polar icebreaker under construction (crew size about 200) will have a waste-handling system to dispose of solid waste, plastics, and waste oil, consisting of an incinerator and trash compactor in one compartment and a pulper in another. A compact incinerator (Golar 500) (320 lb/h of 8,000 BTU/lb dry waste), continuous manual (sluice) feed now (to have automatic feeder later), has been under trial, and emissions measurements have been made by China Lake.

  2. Large cutters (existing and new construction) will have a 2 ft × 2 ft × 6 ft commercial compactor (ship tested), a stand-alone unit, capable of serving a crew of about 200, and costing $5,000 to $10,000. Because these will be on weather decks, they are made of stainless steel. An incinerator will also be installed, probably only on larger cutters, if current trials are satisfactory and space is adequate, in addition to a small pulper if feasible. Pulpers (Navy-developed and commercial) will also be installed on large cutters to dispose of paper, dunnage, and food waste where allowed.

  3. Small cutters will have small commercial compactors (< $1,000).

The costs, including tests, acquisition, and installation, of the MARPOL V-related program are summarized in Table 1.1.

Table 1.1 Costs of U.S. Coast Guard Program



Waste-handling system (3 ships)


Large compactors (62)


Incinerators (57)

18 ($16 million for existing ships)

Pulpers (75)


Small compactors

0.0174 (to be installed)


∼27 (or about $118,000/ship for 228 ships)

Source: U.S. Coast Guard (1994).

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