Specifications for Ships of the United States Navy (NAVSEA S9AAO-AA-SPN-010/(Gen-Spec). Evaluation of waste-processing equipment and technologies for their suitability in this environment.

  1. Process Sensitivity: Susceptibility of the process to contaminants in the waste stream or other outside influences such as temperature fluctuations and power loss.

  2. End Products: Identification of the process effluent and processed end product and their impact on the ship and the environment.

  3. Process Safety: Significant hazards to operating personnel or the ship in both normal and upset operations and anticipated casualties, i.e., high temperatures, explosions, toxic chemicals, biological contaminants, and electrical shocks.

  4. Projected Reliability: Evaluation to determine if the machinery required to apply the technology and the technology itself employ known and consistent concepts and equipment. Based on this evaluation, are the technology and supporting equipment expected to perform repeatedly and reliably for suitable periods of time?

  5. Projected Maintainability: Evaluation to determine if the equipment and technology maintenance requirements are compatible with the capabilities of the ship's crew in the at-sea environment.

  6. Projected Controllability: Evaluation to determine if the equipment and technology can be started up quickly and easily. Can it be shut down quickly and safely in both normal and casualty conditions? Can it be operated continuously with minimal adjustments? Is it user friendly? Does it lend itself to automation?


It is clear that a number of candidate techniques are available for the destruction of Annex V wastes. Products of the various methods are similar. Control of noxious compounds can be handled in each method. Details of installation costs and size of the equipment were not available to the committee. Present models do not appear to be competitive with incineration in the area of shipboard waste disposal, but further development and demonstration projects are under way that could change the picture. The committee suggests that it will be years before a clear-cut replacement for incineration of Annex V wastes is established.

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