DR. BLOCH: I am singularly unimpressed with your statement that we do not have enough RF engineers and scientists in the country. Anybody who knows what an electron is should be able to become a good RF engineer and scientist in six months. By the way, if they do not, if that transformation cannot take place in a short period of time, that speaks to our education system. What we should have is a measurement of our education system because if you cannot convert people, if they overspecialize—and that is what it sounds like because RF has been around for 50 years or so—then there is something wrong with the education system. We should ask ourselves again what measure we have been using for education, not just for research.

DR. FRIEDMAN: It is not easy.

DR. FROSCH: It is not what they know or do not know. It is what they believe to be “respectable” to do. They have been miseducated in terms of the respectability of different problems.

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