Kenneth O. MacFadden, Allied Signal, Chair

Lou Ann Heimbrook, Lucent Technologies, Vice Chair

John L. Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University

Ramon M. Barnes, University of Massachusetts

Paulette Clancy, Cornell University

Anthony M. Dean, Exxon Research & Engineering Company

Robert R. Dorsch, DuPont Research & Development Experimental Station

H. Frederick Dylla, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility

Arlene A. Garrison, University of Tennessee

Steven M. George, University of Colorado

Wayne O. Johnson, Rohm and Haas Company

Helen H. Lee, University of Cambridge

Douglas E. Leng, LENG Associates

Anne L. Testoni, DEC-Digital Semiconductor

Submitted for the panel by its Chair, Kenneth O. MacFadden, this assessment of the fiscal year 1997 activities of the Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory is based on a site visit by the panel on April 8–9, 1997, and on the annual report of the laboratory.

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